About me

I’m a philosopher working on the nature of phenomenal consciousness, with focus on inner awareness (“for-me-ness”), acquaintance, Russellian monism, and related topics.

I work as an Associate Researcher in the Department of Analytic Philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague (Czech Republic).

Currently (2022/23), I’m a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the NYU Center for Mind, Brain and Consciousness with Prof. David Chalmers as my research advisor.

I am also a Visiting Research Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire, School of Humanities (UK) and I serve as an External Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies at Charles University, Faculty of Philosophy.

From 09/2019 to 08/2021 I carried out research at the University Hertfordshire (Hatfield, UK) as part of The Consciousness & Matter Project with Dr. Sam Coleman as my research advisor.

I received my PhD from Charles University in Prague, in December 2016. The title of my thesis was “Consciousness in Nature. A Russellian Approach” and my PhD advisor was doc. James Hill, PhD.

Jakub Mihálik, philosophy of mind and consciousness


What Is Consciousness and How We Know It (video) – This is a super-short talk aimed at non-experts, in which I introduce my current research. It was part of the 6-Minute Challenge event, organized by the New York Chapter of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts & Sciences (SVU).

My paper “Inner Awareness as a Mark of the Mental” is now out in Phenomenology and Mind (22, 2022) in a special issue, entitled Mind, Language, and The First-Person Perspective.

I took part in the “Vědomí ve fyzickém světě: ‘Těžký problém’, či iluze?” (“Consciousness in the Physical World: a ‘Hard Problem’, or an Illusion?” public debate (in Czech) with Tomáš Hříbek and Juraj Hvorecký. Watch the debate on YouTube here.

An article (in Czech) on Vědavýzkum.cz about my recent research project, entitled The Consciousness & Matter Project.