Vědomí bez redukce. Antologie esejů ze současné filosofie mysli [Consciousness without reduction. Readings in contemporary philosophy of mind]. Prague: Smršť 2015, 240 pages.

An anthology of papers on non-reductive approaches to phenomenal consciousness that I co-edited and co-wrote an introductory chapter for with doc. James Hill. The papers were translated into Czech by Lukáš Kollert, Martin Vraný and myself. The volume introduced to Czech readers papers by Thomas Nagel, John Searle, David Chalmers, Galen Strawson, Martine Nida-Rümelin, Colin McGinn and others. Since its publication in 2015, it has become a standard resource for Czech researchers and students working on consciousness. The book can still be bought at

Vědomí v přírodě. Russellovský přístup [Consciousness in nature. A Russellian approach], Prague: Smršť 2016, 264 pages.

A monograph in Czech in which I discuss and evaluate the main approaches to phenomenal consciousness in contemporary philosophy of mind. In the second part of the book I offer a thorough discussion and defence of Russellian monism with focus on Russellian panpsychism. In the final chapter, I try to contribute towards the solution of the combination problem, seen by many as the most serious challenge for Russellian panpsychism. Read the table of contents, foreword, abstract (in Czech and English), and index of the book. The book can still be bought at